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Bob Culver's Lamp List - Hulsebus, Unlisted and Fairy Lamps 

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HI 30 Blue base as shown in book.  Ribbed clear glass shade very good 6 1/2" TOS $80 Picture 1 Picture 1
HI 51 Base for the Little Vesta lamp.  Opposite side is embossed "ERADIATOR" Very good.  Small burst bubble on undeside of font 3 5/8" TOC


Picture 1
HI 78 Base is etched HI-78; Shade is wheel cut, but not original to this lamp Excellent condition 9" TOS $35 Picture 1
HI 228 Cranberry font on short clear pedestal base.  This is as pictured - see also junior size lamp in same style Excellent condition 9 3/4" TOS $385 Picture 1 Picture 2
HI 228 This is the big brother or junior size lamp of the above lamp.  Same overall design, but different shade configuration. Excellent condition 10 1/2" TOS $345 Picture 1 Picture 2
HII 19 Fostoria Lamp - correct with no handle as shown in Fostoria ad of 1895  write me for a copy of the ad Excellent condition 2 3/4" TOC $80 Picture 1
HII 320 This is the base to the pictured lamp.  It is marked with the Rosenthal Delft mark (see pic) and also "St. Cloud" under crossed swords and crown and "R.C." There has been an old professional repair to one foot of the lamp and that repair has yellowed with age.  Still, a gorgeous piece. 7 5/8" TOV $85 Picture 1 Picture 1 Picture 1
UNL Frosted cranberry with etched patterns, different on base and shade.  Collar is force fit on base indicating that this may not have been a lamp originally.  Still, quite attractive. Glass is excellent - two splits in gallery 8 3/4" TOS $95 Picture 1
UNL Pink Clambroth in plain design with matching shade.  Shade ring is formed to hold the shade perfectly.  Burner marked "Feb'y 27, 1877." Very good ++.  Trapped air bubbles throughout 9 1/4" TOS $265 Picture 1
UNL White milk glass with applied handle and soft pastel decorations.  A bit larger than most minis, but very attractive, Excellent

3 3/4"   TOC

$45 Picture 1 Picture 2
UNL White milkglass with applied handle and blue and red flower decor.  A bit larger than most minis, but very attractive, Excellent 4 1/8" TOC $45 Picture 1
UNL Blue glass with gold highlights in scroll and floral design -  attractive. Excellent - collar is older, but has been reattached. 5" TOC $40 Picture 1
UNL Small ribbed finger lamp.  Similar lamps appear in Thuro I on page 88 and SII-207 Excellent 3" tall, 3 1/2" diameter $45 Picture 1
UNL Student lamp.  Likely a 1950's version made by Oar in Buffalo Excellent 10 3/4" wide, 13 3/4" tall $110 Picture 1
UNL Brass and Delft style teapot warmer.  Panels are ceramic and give a nice glow when lit - see last pic.  Three sides are sailing scenes; the fourth a windmill. Note the shape of one tile notched for the burner. Excellent - some patina on brass 4 1/2" square, 5" tall $165 Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
UNL Lavender Mary Gregory teapot warmer.  Glass is lavender with soft satin on the interior and painted with white enamel in boating scene.  Note glass is nothced for burner.  Scarce!!! Very good ++.  Glass is excellent, some staining on metal top - see both pictures 4 7/8" dia and 4 1/4" tall not incl. handle $180 Picture 1 Picture 2
UNL Junior sized brass plated lamp with gorgeous pulled thread or Nailsea ruffled shade in cranberry to light pink glass.  Base has beaded edge on top, middle and bottom of stem  Glass chimney is crimped but is slightly small for gallery.  Burner is marked "Hinks & Son, BIRM".  Very good ++.  Brass plating shows wear.  Shade has some inclusions, the largest shown in the picture.  Shallow, small flake at interior of fitter. 12" overall Height.  Shade is 3 1/4" dia and fitter dia is 2 1/8" $525 Picture 1 Picture 2
UNL Adams & Westlake utility lamp.  Painted black with snap-in type chimney.  Chimney is marked "MacBeth Pearl Glass, 55B".  See pics for markings on top of font.  Small hole in top, I believe for venting. Very good ++.  Slight dent in top edge,  Chimney has roughness as shown, about 20% of base. 3 1/2" TOC, 6 3/4" overall and 4 1/8" dia. $55 Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3
UNL Wood base lamp with milk glass cylindrical font.  Shade is wicker with sheer brown cloth.  Similar shades shown in SII-339-40 Very good ++.  Some scratches on wood. 11 1/2" TOS, 13" overall $85 Picture 1 Picture 2
UNL European wall or table lamp with bracket and reflector.  No markings Glass is in excellent condition, burner wick holder is bent 6 3/4" to top of bracket $45 Picture 1
UNL Darkroom lamp in tin.  Marked "M. E. Danforth Sginaw, Mich" on the front flap.  See pics for configuration.  Burner is marked "Badger" Very good  ++ with some loss of paint. 7 3/4"  tall, 3 3/4" wide $80 Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4
UNL Pair of early sparking lamps.  Heavy, thick glass Excellent 2 1/2" tall

$28 ea, or both for $45

Picture 1
UNL Quilt lamp in amber.  This is a 1950's or so era lamp in a unique design. Excellent 8" tall TOS $75 Picture 1
UNL Moon and Stars lamp in clear.  Shade rests on the chimney.  Likely a 1950 - 60's version Excellent 7" tall TOS $70 Picture 1
UNL Imperial Bundling lamp.  Circa 1950. Excellent 7 1/2" tall TOS $40 Picture 1
UNL Blue quilt shade 1/2" by 1/8" larger chip off of bottom edge - see center of picture - essentially a shelf piece 3 3/8"  tall, 3 3/4" fitter dia., 4 1/4" dia. $12 Picture 1
UNL LG Wright/Fenton pink milk glass with cranbery "eyes" shade.  Excellent 3 7/8"  tall, 1 15/16" fitter dia., 4" dia. $65 Picture 1
UNL Diamond quilted case ball shade in green. Excellent 4 1/8"  tall, 1 15/16" fitter dia., 4 1/4"dia. $95 Picture 1
UNL Pair of milk glass utility shades, possibly for a student lamp Excellent condition 2 1/8" tall; just under 3" dia at bottom of shade $35 Picture 1
UNL Cranberry chimney in ribbed swirl pattern.  Ribs are on hte inside.  Glass is about 1/8" thick Excellent - small flake off of bottom of fitter  5 1/2"  tall, 1 5/8" fitter dia. $60 Picture 1
UNL Grape pattern match holder in clear glass - no chain Excellent 2 1/2" tall, 2 3/4" dia. $40 Picture 1
UNL Tile issued by the Rushlight Club to commemorate their 50th anniversary in 1982 Excellent 4 7/8" by 3 7/8" $20 Picture 1
Ruf 331 Figural bisque monkey fairy lamp Excellent condition 3 1/2" Tall $215 Picture 1 Picture 2
UNL Amber glass fairy size.  Amber ribbed cup.  Shade has two air notches. Excellent condition 6 1/4" Tall $80 Picture 1 Picture 2
UNL Pedestal fairy lamp.  Stem is 8 sided paneled.  Cylindrical dome is optic ribbed on inside and has 3 notches at bottom.  Tiny spot of roughness on topmost rim of dome, otherwise excellent.  I have a second one with a small chip on side of notch and tiny flaw on top of dome.  You can have both for $100 10" tall $60 Picture 1
UNL Jeweled fairy lamp shade with multicolored jewels.  Shade is shaped at top like a dome.  Very good condition - all jewels intact 4 1/4" Tall, 2 5/8" in diameter $40 Picture 1 Picture 2
UNL Clear glass candle lamp with bottle shaped shade, tin frame and top Good - 2" crack in glass starting at top rim moving down. 8" tall, 3" diameter $22 Picture 1