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Welcome to Mylamplist.com. 
This site is designed to offer lamps to collectors from trusted sellers.  This site features primarily Victorian miniature oil lamps, but other types of lighting are also offered.  This site is open to members of the Night Light club to list lamps here, however anyone can buy.  Contact Bob Culver at rculver107@aol.com if you have any questions.

When you open any of the lists, please allow time for all of the thumbnmails to load.  If you want to see larger photos, click on the picture link(s) in the far right column.  If there is more than one link, it means another view or close-up is linked. 
The lists available as of
March 10, 2012:

Bob Culver - Smith Book I and II
      Bob Culver - Hulsebus Books, Unlisted, Fairy Lamps, & Miscellaneous
Each seller will have their terms and conditions and shipping information on their pages.  Note: all dealings are with the individual sellers. 
The following codes for references are used:

  SI = Smith volume I, "Miniature Lamps" by Frank and Ruth Smith
  SII = Smith volume II, "Miniature Lamps II" by Ruth Smith
  HI = "Miniature Victorian Lamps" by Marge Hulsebus
  HII = "Miniature Lamps of the Victorian Era" by Marge Hulsebus
  D = "Victorian Miniature Oil Lamps" by Mrs. Edward J. Delmore
  Ruf = "Fairy Lamps" by Bob and Pat Ruf
  E = "Early Lighting" published by the Rushlight Club in 1972

  UNL = Unlisted or no reference.

Please check back often as I will be adding more lamps and new sellers will be listing too!
Thanks for looking,

Bob Culver